Hanalei Coffee Roasters 100% Kona Fancy

Hanalei Coffee Roasters 100% Kona Fancy
Item# Konafancy

Product Description

This is the highest grade available of one of the world's finest coffees. Our Kona is grown on Greenwell Farms. The Greenwell family has been growing Kona coffee since about 1850. The farm has won many awards, and Greenwell is one of the most respected names in the Hawaii Coffee Industry.

The perfect growing environment of the Big Island's Kona Coast, combined with the fact that all of our beans are freshly roasted in small batches, right here in the store, makes Hanalei Coffee Roasters' 100% Kona Coffee one of the best coffees you will ever drink!

This is the Kona coffee that thousands of visitors to Hawaii have raved about for years.

All of the Hanalei Coffee Roasters Coffees are shipped whole bean in special one pound resealable bags to keep your coffee fresh. All coffees are shipped by USPS Priority Mail.