Aloha and Welcome to the Hanalei Tea Company

The Hanalei Tea Company imports the finest black tea from Ceylon, home to the world's most highly acclaimed teas.

Our teas are blended with the tropical fruit flavors of the Hawaiian Islands so that you can enjoy a taste of the tropics all year round.

All of our teas are lightly blended so that the fruit flavors do not overpower the fine Ceylon tea.

Shipping Information:

Both our hand-crafted tea boxes and locally-roasted coffees are shipped from Hawaii by US Postal Service Priority Mail.

Upon checkout, please make sure that you choose the shipping option which corresponds to the type of items in your order.

Tea Boxes

To any US Address, we ship USPS Priority Mail, our Shipping Rates for orders which consist of tea boxes only are as follows:

1-4 Tea Boxes: 11.95

5-6 Tea Boxes: 13.45

7-9 Tea Boxes: 18.75

For more than eight tea boxes, please contact us at for rates.

Coffee Orders or Coffee and Tea Boxes Combined

To any US Address, our Shipping Rates for orders which consist of coffees only or coffees and tea boxes combined are as follows: One item: 11.95

2-4 Items: 13.45

5-6 Items: 18.75

7-9 Items: 32.20

For more than nine items, please contact us at for rates.

We know that both our tropical teas and our locally-roasted coffees are of the highest quality. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we will gladly refund the purchase price.

Our contact information:

The Hanalei Tea Company
PO Box 798
Hanalei, HI